Huge, Comprehensive Update! Version 3.0

Hi everyone!

It's certainly been a while since my last update, and ages since GGJ18! Life really gets in the way. There's been some back-to-back major events happening in my life, but enough about me! Onto the shiny, new-and-very-much-improved game:

  • Title Change - this one is obvious, but I've changed the name from "Intercept" to "Remember Skylight". It's much more meaningful pertaining to the actual overarching plot. Speaking of...
  • Script Overhaul! - this is huge. Being a story-driven game, this basically means I've got a whole new game for you. The mysterious "transmissions from myself" have a whole new meaning, and things left too vague in the previous versions are now much easier to understand. I think the story will speak for itself now.
  • Technical Enhancements - on the surface, the game looks very much the same. But don't be fooled; underneath, there's some interesting stuff going on. Not wanting to spoil anything, but I'll just drop a hint here... Don't get discouraged if you start seeing some familiar transmissions! If you keep going, you might notice something interesting :)
  • New Sound Effects! - thanks to free, no copyright sound sources on the internet. Also don't forget to pet the cat~

I hope you enjoy my revamped game. I hope at least the story can be interesting to you. Thank you for reading, and let me know what you think!


Lily aka Lyxil

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