Big Ol' Gameplay Update - 4.0

Hello, reader!

This is an old game of mine I keep coming back to for updates. Despite being a year-old and created for GGJ18, I'm announcing another major update. 

  • Unfortunately, explaining this major change will reveal spoilers, so let's just say it's an overhaul of the way memories are kept and displayed. If you play through the game multiple times (preferably without closing the window), you'll see what I mean! (I need to implement a save/load system next) 
  • You can now click to quickly advance the text. Useful for your multiple playthroughs!
  • Minor changes to the script, the "glitching", and UI.

Hoping to get this little game to a complete, stable state where I am satisfied, but I can't seem to stop tinkering with it!

Thank you for reading, and enjoy another run as a dystopian gatekeeper of messages!

- Lily

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